Group Constitutions
Uptown Vocal Constitution

PREAMBLE: The goal of the Uptown Vocal is to promote cooperative action among undergraduate students resulting in co-ed a cappella music and social service.

Article I: Eligibility for Membership

All undergraduate students are eligible, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.

All interested students must audition. The entire slate of new members must be ratified by a majority of present active membership before it is official.

Article II: Membership

  1. Obtaining Membership

After acceptance, each new member enters a trial period of eight full group rehearsals (sectionals do not pertain) during which he or she must:

a. Attend all mandatory performances, rehearsals, and meetings (exceptions may only be granted by the President in unusual circumstances) .

b. Work and perform well under these conditions.

After the trial period, the candidate's status will be reviewed by the group and a vote will take place. A three-fourths majority is necessary for the candidate to become an active member. Religious commitments on Friday nights and Saturday may not exclude anyone from active membership.

At the end of the end of any semester, any active member may give up active membership for a period of time up to one semester without having to re-audition. If anyone chooses to give up active membership for more than a semester, he or she must re-audition and enter the trial period again.

2. Revocation of Membership

At times, an active member's performance may be inadequate to the extent that revocation of membership is necessary. The following are sufficient grounds for dismissal: more than one unexcused absence or more than four excused absences in one semester, frequently being late to rehearsals or performances, general musical incompetence, attitudes that make it difficult for the group to function, or any other patterns that limit the group's potential.

At any time, an active member may bring the name of another active member or board member up for review. This person is then informed of the charges and is permitted to make a written defense. An evaluation period of one week is set up during which the Board members (or the remainder of the Board will vote on whether this review is necessary; at this point, the group in general is not informed). If a majority of the board favors review or if there is a tie, the review is granted. The member in question is not invited, but his or her defense is read. There will be a group discussion about the member, followed by a vote, in which the member in question may have his or her membership revoked by a two-thirds majority of the active members.

Members who have previously had their membership revoked may audition again, but must go through a double trial period.

Article III: Leadership

1. Eligibility

One must be an active member for at least one year to be eligible for a board position.

2. Structure

There will be four of offices, those of the President, Musical Director, Business Manager, and Concert/Tour Manager. These four of offices comprise the Board.

Final leadership decisions will be made cooperatively by the President, Musical Director, Business Manager, and Concert/Tour Manager.

All four of offices have a one year (two semester) term, beginning and ending at the end of the spring semester. The President, Business Manager, and Concert/Tour Manager will be elected by a majority vote. The successor for the Musical Director will be recommended by the current Musical Director and approved by a majority vote of the current active members. In the event of a tie for a particular office, the current President will cast the deciding vote.

3. Description of Duties

A) The President will represent the group at all official functions on and off campus, and call and officiate all meetings. The President will also oversee all aspects of the group, in terms of execution of duties performed by other officers of the Board. The President may delegate any of these duties at his or her discretion.

B) The Musical Director will call and direct all rehearsals, conduct in concerts and rehearsals and perfect all arrangements. The Musical Director will have the authority to make musical decisions he or she deems necessary in a rehearsal setting. The Musical Director may delegate any of these duties at his or her discretion.

C) The Business Manager is responsible for all financial undertakings related to concerts both on and off campus, keeping records, publicity and travel arrangements (shared duty with Concert/Tour Manager). The Business Manager may also delegate any of these duties at his or her discretion.

D) The Concert/Tour Manager is responsible for the logistics of the concerts, both on and off campus. This includes marketing guest groups, arranging for accommodations for guest groups, finding locations for concerts, and doing other related duties

4. Impeachment of Officers

If at any time an officer's performance has been inadequate to the degree that impeachment is necessary, any active member may bring the officer's name up for review with the intent to impeach. If the review is granted (under the conditions laid out in Article II section 1) then a two-thirds majority of the group may impeach the officer. A special election is then held immediately to fill the position for the rest of the term.

Article IV: Rehearsals, Meetings, and Performances

There will be at least two rehearsals per week, agreed upon at the beginning of each semester, set by the Musical Director, in addition to at least one sectional per week, agreed upon by the active members participating in those sectionals and confirmed by the Musical Director. All rehearsals and sectionals are mandatory and any absences must be allowed by the President.

There will be a one hour meeting time each week set aside in case the President feels a meeting is necessary. Meetings will only be held when the President calls them, but the time shall be agreed upon and attendance at these meetings is mandatory.

If any active member has a religious commitment on Friday nights or Saturdays there will be no Friday night or Saturday concerts, rehearsals or meetings for the duration of that person's active membership.

There will be at least one unpaid social service concert per semester.

Article V: Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any time by a three-fourths majority of the active members. Any proposed amendment that is ratified by three-fourths majority of the active members is effective immediately.

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