Group Constitutions
Women in International Affairs

Article I. Name of the Organization

A. The name of the this organization shall be "Women in International Affairs."

Article II. Purpose

A. The aims of this organization shall be to coordinate forums on various topics in international affairs, such as diplomacy, business, engineering in the international sphere, environmental law, and journalism; to provide networks for discussion of internships and career opportunities; and to generate a newsletter on matters pertaining to international affairs and especially women in the international arena.

B. The purpose of the club is to edify and expose its members to the issues and realities of international events and careers; to supply a sense of security to students planning to enter often daunting fields, and particularly to seniors in the organization; and to serve, through the newsletter, as a means of helping students to consolidate their thoughts and aims in international matters while producing literature of use to the entire undergraduate population.

Article III. Membership

A. Membership is open to all members of the undergraduate community.

Article IV. Officers

A. The council will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers will be elected each semester by all members through a secret ballot system.

B. In order to be an officer of the council, the student must have maintained membership in good standing for at least one semester prior to elections.

C. An officer wishing to resign her position must find two qualified candidates to run for her position.

D. Shirking of an officer's responsibilities is grounds for impeachment.

E. In the case that two formal written complaints are lodged against an officer, a meeting shall be held to consider basis for impeachment. The meeting must be attended by all officers and close with a general vote on the status of the officer. In order for impeachment a two-thirds majority must be reached.

Article V. Amendments to the Constitution

A. Amendments to the constitution may be suggested by members, but will be presented to the council by an officer and thereupon voted by the council. Unanimous vote, by the council, is required to effect the amendment.

B. The constitution will come up for review annually.

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