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Sabor is Columbia University's First Latino Dance Troupe.Since its establishment in 2003, Sabor has evolved into more than just a Latino dance troupe; venturing into different styles of dancing it lives up to its name which is defined by flavor. Seasoned with the Latino rhythms of salsa, meregue and bachata, Sabor's spicy spectrum has extended to hip-hop, jazz, modern, bhangra and much more.

Since the Fall of 2005 Sabor has annually put on a show in Roone Arlege Auditorium located on Columbia University's Campus, which is meant to celebrate and embrace the variety of styles that the Latino culture has to offer, while still displaying cultural diversity by including dances of other traditions. These shows have also included performances by other Columbia University student groups such as Onyx, Raw Elements, CU Bhangra, Orishas and Dhoom.

Below are the titles for past shows:

  • Sabor's 31 Flavors (2005)
  • Sabor Invincible (2006)
  • Cirque Du Sabor (2007)
  • Sabor Reality (2008)
  • Sabor Clasico (2009)
  • Sabor Inferno: Our Divine Comedy (coming Fall 2010)
  • Sabor has performed at many Columbia University events including The Latino Heritage Showcase, The Black History Month Showcase, Glass House Rocks (GHR), and Perspective of Diversity (POD). During the month of October Sabor host an event in John Jay Dining Hall know as Sabor Latino, where Latino food and music is catered along with dancing from Sabor members a tradition sprung from its establishment.

    But Sabor is not just about dancing, the talent found on this team ranges from vocal, drama, spoken word to visual arts. Said talents are welcomed and embedded into team performances. Sabor not only embraces the different styles of dancing but also the various types of arts.

    Sabor is also concern with the community; it invests a lot of its time raising funds for its Community service initiative, the Releve program, a program made to motivate high school student to pursue a higher education. All revenue from their fall performance is used for this project in order to provide the essentials necessary for a successful, informative and enjoyable three-day visit for the Releve students.

    Contact Information

    If you are interested in joining or would just like more information about our group, email us at sabor.board@gmail.com