Static Events

Some teams view the static points as second to building the fastest and meanest racecar on the track. And while we too rejoiced at putting the fastest lap times in our section at last year's competition, our goal remains to constantly put our best foot forward. The static events range from presenting our designs to judges, creating a presentation to position how we'd build, market, and sell our vehicles if made available to the public, and developing a comprehensive cost report documenting every part, bolt, and clip of the vehicle as well as labor and tooling costs. Having taken home second place in Cost and Manufacturing last year, we're honing in on 1st place this year and aim to rank amongst the premier SAE teams in all other static categories.

We recognize the importance of taking every point made available to us so as to maximize our overall rank. In stride with our strategy, we break down large goals such as the comprehensive design presentation of the static competition into more basic tasks such as having systems complete design analysis reports at several stages of the design process so as to always have the end goal in mind.

Columbia attracts the best and brightest students of all the fields of study and the static events enable some our members who are better skilled in Excel and PowerPoint to become core members of the team.

By points the static events are as follows:

- Design - 150 points

- Cost and Manufacturing - 100 points

- Business Presentation - 75 points

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