Our Vision

Our Vision

We the members of Knickerbocker Motorsports aim not only to build the most competitive racecar possible, but also build friendships, connections, memories, and character. Each day we strive to promote excellence in the work that we produce and do so in an environment that cultivates learning and respect. We as a team believe that we can be much more than a racing club, we can be leaders to the Columbia Engineering, we can foster relationships between our peers both engineers and non-engineers. We are confident in the day that Knickerbocker Motorsports will place in the Top Ten of the SAE competition.


  • To educate members
  • To reward creativity
  • To practice engineering techniques
  • To work as a team
  • To always try our hardest
  • To look towards the past for knowledge
  • To always analyze and improve
  • To model a functional business
  • To enjoy the process as much as the results
  • To promote diversity
  • To give back to the community
  • To represent Columbia University in all its glory
  • To learn as much as possible
  • To believe in ourselves
  • To solve problems
  • To win as a team
  • To drive
  • To look towards the future for innovation
  • To master an art form
  • To think critically
  • To push boundaries
  • To develop leaders
  • To create a lasting legacy for future KM teams
  • To build the Knickerbocker Motorsports brand name

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