Doctoral Dissertations of Recent Alumini, by Department


  • Pamila Gupta, St. Francis Xavier,the Corpse of History: Ritual, Representation, and Regeneration (2004)
  • Maimuna Huq, Contemporary Islamist Movements: Attempts at an Anthropological Analysis and Critical Review (2006)
  • Naveeda Khan, Constructing Citizens: Urban Mosques in Pakistan, 1947 to the Present (2003)
  • Hanna Kim, Being Swaminarayan: The Ontology and Significance of Belief in the Construction of a Gujarati Diaspora (2000)
  • Lisa Mitchell, The Emergence of Telugu Linguistic Identity (2004)
  • Dard Neuman, Disciplining Hindustani Classical Music (2004)
  • Svati Shah, Sex Work, Public Health, and nationalism in North India (2006)
  • Nandini Sundar, In Search of Gunda Dhur: Colonialism and Constestation in Bastar, Central India, 1854-1993 (1995)
  • Michele Verma, South Asian Diaspora(s), Hindu Diaspora, Religious Education (2008)
  • Amanda Weidman, The Politics of "Classical" Music in South India (2001)
  • Maxine Weisgrau, The Social and Political Relations of Development: NGOs and Adivasis in Rural Rajasthan (1993)
  • Vazira Zamindar, Divided Families and the Making of Nationhood in India and Pakistan (1947-65) (2008)
  • Karin Zitzewitz, Modern Art and the Self-Imagination of the Bombay Bourgeoisie (2006)

Art History

  • Molly Aitkin, The Significance of Style: Mewar Paintings in the Eighteenth Century (2000)
  • Joan Cummins, Dual Darshana: Re-Addressing the Surya Icon (2001)
  • Debra Diamond, Tracing History: Jodhpur Painting of the Man Singh Period, 1803-1843 (2000)
  • Susanne Francoeur, Style and Workships in Ajanta Paintings (1998)
  • Annapurna Garimella, Speaking Stones: Self-sacrifice and Memorial Architecture in Pre-modern South India (2002)
  • Shaalini Ranasinghe, Merchants, Missionaries, and the Castle of Emperor Fasidadas: Origins of Gondarin Architecture in Ethiopia (2001)


  • Tanweer Akram, Privatization of Public Enterprises: The Case of Bangladesh (2004)

English and Comparative Literature

  • Sunil Agnani, German Orientalism (2004)
  • Siraj Ahmed, Eighteenth Century Literary Representations of India (1999)
  • Quadri Ismail, Constituting Nation, Contesting Nationalism: Gender Subalternity and Community in South Asia (1998)
  • Priya Joshi, A Bridge Over Troubled Water: British Popular Fiction and the Emergence of the Novel in India (1995)
  • Sanjay Krishnan, Literary and Cultural Representations of Modern Malaysia (2001)
  • Aamir Mufti, Enlightenment in the Colony: the Jewish Question and Dilemmas in Postcolonial Modernity (1997)
  • Sonali Perera, Thinking Working Class Writing within a Global Frame (2003)
  • Minnie Singh, The Making of Rudyard Kipling: From Gossip Tale to Imperial Pastoral (1994)
  • Milind Wakankar, Subject, Form, Experience: Aesthetic Debates in Indian Nationalism, 1920-1962 (2003)


  • Janaki Bakhle, Two Men and Music: Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Making of a National Art (2001)
  • Ritu Birla, Hedging Bets: The Politics of Commercial Ethics in Late Colonial India (1999)
  • Elizabeth Kolsky, Women and Criminal Law in Colonial Punjab, 1860-1947 (2002)
  • Allen McGrath, The Myth of Pakistan's Failed Democracy (1992)
  • Farina Mir, The Social Space of Language: Punjabi Popular (2001)
  • Mridu Rai, The Problem of Legitimacy in Kashmir: Religion or Rights? c. 1846-1947 (1999)
  • Dushka Saiyid, The Changing Position of Muslim Women in Punjab Law, 1872-1947 (1995)
  • Usha Sanyal, In the Path of the Prophet: Maulana Ahmad Riza Khan Barelwi and the Ahl-e-Sunnat wa Jama'at Movement in British India, c. 1870-1921 (1990)
  • Michael Silvestri, The Dirty War of Empire: Policing Political Violence and Public Order in Colonial Bengal, 1905-1947 (1998)
  • Shubnam Tejani, A Social-intellectual History of Indian Secularism (2002)
  • Jyotsana Uppal, Decay, Diet, and Desire: the Making of Community in Colonial Punjab (1998)
  • Susan VanKoski, The Indian Ex-soldier from the Eve of the First World War to Independence and Partition: A Study of Provisions for Ex-soldiers and Ex-soldiers' Role in Indian National Life (1995)

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

  • Amy Bard, Desolate Victory: Shi'i Women and the Marsiyah Texts of Lucknow (2002)
  • Edwin Bryant, The Indigenous Aryan Debate (1997)
  • Jason Freitag, The Power that Protects You: James Tod and the Rajput Ideal (Spring 2001)
  • Eric Huberman, Language, Love, and Silence: Readings of Separation in the Sanskrit Epic, Poetic, and Puranic Traditions (1991)
  • Jai Kasturi, *(title coming soon) (2005)
  • Pamela Lothspeich, The Nationalist Project of Maithilisharan Gupta (2003)
  • Gurinder Singh Mann, The Making of Sikh Scripture (1992)
  • David Mellins, The Cool Rays of Aesthetics and Reasoning: Jayadeva's Candraloka and its Role in the Eovlution of Alamkarasastra (2004)
  • Geeta Patel, Miraji: Poetry in Motion (1995)
  • Alexander Sean Pue, *(title coming soon)
  • Toshio Sako, Karman in Indian Philosophy and Vasubandhu's Exposition (1996)
  • Susan Sinberg, Tara and the Tara-mula-kalpa: The Tara Cult's Formative Period in India (1994)


Political Science

  • Nandita Aras, The Social Basis of Hindu Nationalism and Hindu Nationalist Parties (2000)
  • Sumantra Bose, Democracy and National Self-Determination: Institutional Structure in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and Southern Asia (1999)
  • Christopher Candland, The Economic Legacies of Political Regimes: Labor Institutions and Structural Adjustment in India and Pakistan (1996)
  • Pararaja Duraiswamy, The Politics of Structural Adjustment: Institutional Analysis on Two Cases: Indonesia and India (1994)
  • Matt Nelson, Making Sense of Property Rights: Land, Law, and Local Politics in the Punjab, 1849-1999 (2002)
  • Ali Nizamuddin, Liberalization, Relative Bargaining Power, and State-Multinational Relations: Japanese Automobile Investments in India, Indonesia, and Mali (2001)
  • Farzana Shaikh, Community and Consensus in Islam: Muslim Representation in Colonial India, 1860-1947 (1990)
  • Shylahri Shankar, Dangerous Liaisons: Courts, Religion, and Secularist Democracies (2002)
  • Shefali Trivedi, From Movement to Party: Caste Networks, Mobilization, and Participation in South India (2003)
  • Shyama Venkateswar, Hindu Nationalism in India: the Impact of Political and Social Realignments (1997)


  • Bradley Clough, Noble Persons' Paths: A Study of Early Indian and Theravada Buddhist Soteriologies (1998)
  • Carla Grace Bellamy, Hussain Tekri between Muslims and Hindus (2007)
  • Elizabeth Benard, Chinnamasta: The Aweful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess (1990)
  • Catherine Benton, A Study of Kamadeva in Indian Story Literature (1991)
  • Barbara Gombach, Ancillary Stories in the Sanskrit Mahabharata (1999)
  • David Gray, The Chakrasamvara Tantra (1999)
  • Laura Harrington, A View of Manjusri: Wisdom, Monasteries and Society in 8th - 12th Century India and Tibet (2002)
  • Jim Hartzell, Tantric Yoga (1997)
  • Marina Illich, The Biography of Rolpay Dorje (2006)
  • James Lochtefeld, Haridwara, Haradwara, Gangadwara: The Construction of Identity and Meaning in a Hindu Pilgrimage Place (1992)
  • Joseph Loizzo, Chandrakirti's Pradipoddyotana (2001)
  • Timothy Lubin, Consecration and Ascetical Regimes: A History of Hindu Vrata, Diksa, Upanayana, and Brahmacarya (1994)
  • Anne Murphy, The Material of Sikh History (2005)
  • Paul Nietupski, The Development of Buddhist Monastacism (1993)
  • Christian Novetzke, Turning the Temple: The Marathi Legacy of Namdev and his Contemporaries (2003)
  • Andrea M. Pinkney, Sarvatra Prasada: Human-Divine Exchange in Indian Sectarian Traditions (2008)
  • Kelly Pemberton, Women, Ritual Life, and the Sufi Shrine in North India (Fall 2000)
  • John Pettit, The Thought of Mipam Rimpoche: Reconciling Madhyamika and Great Perfection (1998)
  • Teena Umakant Purohit, Formations of Canon and Identity: Ginans and the Ismail Community (2007)
  • Travis LaMar Smith, Secrets of the Sacred City: Tantra in the Puranic Mahatmya Literature on Varanasi (2007)
  • Kevin Trainor, The Relics of the Buddha: A Study of the Cult of Relic Veneration in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition of Sri Lanka (1990)
  • Rupa Viswanath, 'The Pariah Problem:' Missionaries, the Administration of 'Untouchables,' and the Elaboration of Neutrality in Colonial South India, 1885-c. 1918 (2006)
  • Christian Wedemeyer, Vajrayana and its Doubles: A Critical Historiography, Exposition, and Translation of the Tantric Works of Aryadeva (1999)
  • Tom Yarnall, The Creation Stage of Unexcelled Yoga Tantra (in progress)
  • Serenity Young, Dreams in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Biography (1990)

Urban Planning

  • Sangeetha Purushothaman, Grassroots Women's Movements in India: Networking and State Policy (1994)
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