SARUM is a not-for-profit group of about a dozen singers based in New York City, who devote time to performing plainchant and liturgy in authentic form. They take their texts and music from Sarum sources of the 13th to early 16th centuries, and make their own editions for performance. They follow the liturgical directions of the Sarum Breviary, Ordinal and Consuetudinary, and adopt the intonations and psalm-tones of the Sarum Tonary.

SARUM sings with 13th-century English pronunciation of Latin. The translations in its service leaflets seek to bring alive the very special and striking quality of the Latin text of the Psalter used in the Middle Ages. The group was founded in Summer 1997 with the help of members of the world-famous medieval music ensemble Anonymous IV.

SARUM 's musical director is Susan Boynton.