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Friday, September 29th

“Kick-off Party: Let’s Taste the Rainbow”

Amsterdam Café
18 to Party, 21 to Drink.

A precocious little girl from Kansas once imagined what it would all be like “somewhere over the rainbow.” Flying bluebirds? Melting lemon drops? Brilliant blue skies? Eh. Maybe. Or was it a chic and trendy party? Britney, Madonna, and Beyonce incessantly playing on the airwaves? Libations and victuals lavishly distributed? And a night of sheer celebration of Columbia’s LGBT community and Queer Awareness Month the reason for it all? Bets are that Dorothy wasn’t expecting her version of “over the rainbow” to be quite as incredibly decadent. Then again, she sure as hell wouldn’t have missed it.

Monday, October 2nd

“Low Plaza Event: Alma Mater Tastes the Rainbow”

11am - 3pm

Alma Mater. She’s the overseer of everything Columbian. And although her steadied gaze, masculine features, and strong demeanor often leaves her sexual identity questionable at best, she always seems to know what’s right for Columbia. And that is why when she overheard that Queer Awareness Month was soon to be taking over the Columbia campus, she wanted in on the fun. Stop by Low Plaza, then, for QuAM handouts, information, t-shirts or just to make merry! Oh, and if you’re lucky, Ms. Mater may even give you a goodie bag….. and not to mention, her phone number.

Tuesday, October 3rd

“OMA Opening Reception”

Lerner Party Space

The annual OMA Opening Reception is an evening devoted to acknowledging the presence of LGBT students at Columbia, and usually reflects the greater notion of what queer identity means within the collegiate realm. Guest Speaker: Keith Boykin.

Thursday, October 5th

Student Group Showcase: Proud Colors

Intercultural Resource Center

Proud Colors is more than just an allusion to Roy G. Biv. In fact it is Columbia’s recently revived LGBT student group that serves the interests of both people of color and people of queer identity. During this two-hour open house, come meet n’ greet with current members, find out what PC is planning for the rest of the year, and share in the amazing life of one of Columbia’s most celebrated new LGBT organizations.

Monday, October 9th

“She’s Not the Man I Married: Identity, Gender, and Marriage in Private Life and Public Policy”

Guest Speaker: Helen Boyd
Sulzberger Parlor

Helen Boyd, Author of the upcoming She’s Not the Man I Married, will speak about how the struggles of trans people focus a new and useful lens on both the issues of gender equality and marriage equality. Boyd’s marriage to her trans husband serves as a platform for her to explore the nature of identity, gender, and marriage and the way those very private aspects of a life intersect with very public policy. Boyd will give a brief reading from her upcoming book, and her talk will be followed by a brief Q&A.

Tuesday, October 10th

“Chalk & Choc.”

Low Steps

Help usher in another Coming Out Day by chalking Low Plaza with words, phrases, and comments of empowerment, reassurance, and self-celebration in relation to the LGBT experience. Plenty of chalk and hot chocolate will be provided. Remember, you can make a difference this Coming Out Day. “Empowering Quote or Comment” – YOU.

Wednesday, October 11th

Coming Out Day: “Talk About It”

Low Plaza
11am – 3pm

Each October 11th, National Coming Out Day “Talk About It” is celebrated in every corner of the United States. Facilitated by the Human Rights Campaign and in its 18th year, Coming Out Day’s purpose is to encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, as well as straight allies, to talk openly and honestly about their lives and the issues that GLBT Americans face under law. When you ‘Talk About It’ with the people in your life, you begin to change minds one at a time, and that’s the most lasting kind of change. Stop by Low Plaza for information on Coming Out, as well as cookies, stickers, and more surprises….

Wednesday, October 11th

Queer Common Meal

St. Paul’s Choir Room

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Facilitated by the Office of the University Chaplain, the Queer Common Meal serves as a time to gather the LGBT community of Columbia, including queer administrators and faculty members in addition to students, and through a shared meal engage in discussion germane to the LGBT experience.

Thursday, October 12th

Student Group Showcase: Everyone Allied Against Homophobia

Intercultural Resource Center

Everyone Allied Against Homophobia is braver than most. In its fearless battle to eradicate homophobia at Columbia, and in New York City at large, it has reinforced the notion time and time again that to stop hate, everyone must be allied together. During this two-hour open house, come meet n’ greet with current members, find out what EAAH is planning for the rest of the year, and share in this dedicated movement towards respect and appreciation for all people.

Monday, October 16th

“What’s in an Identity?”

Queer Identities Panel
Facilitated by Calvin Chin of Health Services

A panel of queer men and women who also identify with another group (e.g., Jewish, African American, Asian, Christian), will discuss the different ways they negotiated their multiple identities and the challenges and opportunities that come from belonging to multiple groups.

Wednesday, October 18th

Student Group Showcase: Gayava

Location & Time TBA

Gayava is definitely full of flava’! Serving the Columbia community’s queer Jewish population, it has remained committed to analyzing the relationship between sexual orientation and religion, and the challenges that often arise from negotiating these two distinct identities. During this two-hour open house, come meet n’ greet with current members, find out what Gayava is planning for the rest of the year, and share in the rooted heritage of Judaism and the LGBT experience.

Thursday, October 19th

Student Group Showcase: Q

Intercultural Resource Center

Q is super Q-ute, if you ask anyone on Columbia’s campus and is Barnard’s very own LGBT group that primarily serves the lesbian community across both campuses. During this two-hour open house, come meet n’ greet with current members, find out what Q is planning for the rest of the year, and take part in furthering the female spirit!

Saturday, October 21st

“LGBT Alumni Brunch”

Intercultural Resource Center
11am – 2pm

Ever ponder what may happen to you after college? Ever ponder what may happen to you continuing to be you after college? Columbia’s LGBT history spans decades and therefore, self-identifying LGBT students of yore remain empowered world citizens today. And they have lots of great information, stories, and anecdotes to share. Plan to call it a night a little earlier than usual on Friday and set your alarm because you won’t want to miss this great opportunity. Did we mention…free brunch?

Monday, October 23rd

“Know Your Rights; Know How to Change Them”

Facilitated by OUTLAWS, the LGBT student group at Columbia Law School
104 Jerome Greene Hall

Professor Suzanne Goldberg, a Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, will facilitate a discussion of the state if LGBT rights today. Prof. Goldberg just joined the Columbia faculty this Fall 2006. She currently directs Columbia's Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic and teaches Civil Procedure, Lawyering, Social Change, and the Movement for Women's and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights. Additionally, Jason Cooper will also talk about the present types of activism the LGBT community has done and the ways that activism has worked to secure our rights.

Wednesday, October 25th

“Assuming Bisexuality”

Sulzberger Parlor

Why is bisexuality so misunderstood? What is the difference between bi identity, bisexual behavior, bisexual/bi-romantic orientation and bi-curious experimentation? Diverse panel of bi speakers explain bisexuality and bi identity from their own perspective and personal experience, dispelling myths and stereotypes and providing facts and realities. Discussion will explore sexual & emotional attraction for people of more than one gender, sexual orientation, identity, behavior, fantasy, monogamy vs polyamory, biphobia and pathways to bisexual identity (gay to bi, straight to bi, bi from childhood). Q & A will follow.

Thursday, October 26th

Columbia’s Gay Health Advocacy Project’s Unveils its “Next Generation Project”

GSAS Lounge (Philosophy Hall)
7:30 pm

Columbia’s Gay Health Advocacy Project will unveil its revitalized “Next Generation Project” by means of a celebration! And who doesn’t love a good party? After a brief hiatus, GHAP is restarting a mentoring program for queer Columbia undergraduates that will enable them to connect with distinguished LGBT professionals in New York City for one-on-one mentoring. This opening night party poses to be a fun start to a year of events, panels, and times for discussion and networking between two different LGBT generations.

Sunday, October 29th

“QuAM Farewell Event: The Rainbow’s End”

Queer Culture Show
Lerner Party Space

It has often been speculated that at the end of the rainbow there lies a pot of gold. So at the end of a month of “Tasting the Rainbow,” what can one expect to find? ….

How about….. some more celebrating? Think that Columbia does not have enough LGBT pride? Think again. You won’t want to miss this absolutely fabulous farewell toast to a month of awareness, empowerment, and fun. Performances by: SABOR, Notes and Keys, Onyx and many more!