The Constitution of SEBS

Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society



Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be the Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS).

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of SEBS is to bring a much-needed awareness to the Columbia community about scientific and technological issues of social relevancy.

Article III: Affiliation
Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society promises to fully satisfy all requirements and to conduct all of its programs in accordance with the procedures and guidelines recommended by the governing bodies at Columbia University.

Article IV: Membership
Section 1: Membership in this club shall be open to individuals in good standing with Columbia University and who possess an interest in engineering, sciences, economics, and politics.

Section 2: Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society shall not discriminate its membership or participants on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Article V: Officers
Section 1: The Officers of this club shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, various Committee Leaders, and as provided by the Bylaws.

Section 2: A person may not hold two elected offices at the same time. In the event a person is elected to two offices, he or she must choose to occupy one office and the runner up shall occupy the vacant office.

Article VI: Amendments
This Constitution may be amended at an announced meeting of the club if agreed by two-thirds of the active members voting, provided that the Executive Board shall have recommended the amendment, and provided that thirty days notice to the membership shall have been given of the proposed change.
Bylaws to the Constitution of Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society

I. Fiscal Year
Fiscal year shall begin on the first day of August.

II. Meetings
1. Regular meetings of the Chapter shall be called every second week beginning with the academic year during regular school sessions.
2. Other meeting of the Chapter may be called by:
    a. Order of the President
    b. Request of the Executive Board
    c. Request of at least five members of the Chapter; five days notice of such meetings shall be given.

3. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be held by:
    a. Order of the President
    b. Call of the members of the Executive Board; except when required by urgency, at least five days notice of such meeting shall be given.

III. Election of Officers

Officers of the chapter shall be elected during the week preceding the first regular meeting in May. Those elected will take office with the beginning of the following fall session. Only those who have attended at least half of the events of the calendar year shall vote.

A majority of votes cast shall constitute an election of office. If the majority is not achieved, a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be held. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the run-off election shall be considered elected for office.

Nomination to offices of the Chapter shall be conducted during the week prior to the first regular meeting in April and shall be announced at that Meeting.

IV. Duties of SEBS Officers

    a. Responsible for overseeing and enforcing the duties of other executive officers and to assume the duties of another officer in the case of a     temporary absence or vacancy.
    b. Call and preside over all executive board and general body meetings.
    c. Serve as a representative of SEBS at all University and Department Faculty meetings.
    d. Act as SEBSís chief contact with faculty and other student organizations.

    a. Perform the duties of the President if absent.
    b. Responsible for the general activities, such as information sessions, workshops, and etc.
    c. Work closely with the committee leaders to ensure effective governance of specific projects.
    d. Assist President when it is needed.

    a. Keep records of all executive board and general body meetings.
    b. Maintain a list of active memberships.
    c. Maintain a list of recent and past alumni.
    d. Take attendance quickly and efficiently, and keep permanent attendance records.
    e. Responsible for maintaining all routes of communication with members.

    a. Maintains records of all business transactions of the chapter.
    b. See that the chapter develops a yearly budget of income and expenditures.
    c. Submit all event approval forms to Office of Student Activities.
    d. Attend all treasurer workshops if necessary.

Committee Leader:
    a. Responsible for goals and projects of committees, given they follow SEBS regulations.
    b. Responsible for conduct and behavior of committee members.
    c. Attend all committee leader meetings and report information back to committee.
    d. Acts as chief contact to Executive Board for committees.

Other elected or appointed offices and positions may be added to this list.

V. Committees
Committees may be appointed by the President, or by the Executive Board with the approval of the President, as the occasion arises.

VI. Procedure
1. The order of business at regular meetings of the Chapter shall be minutes of last meeting reports of officersí reports of committees unfinished business
2. All other questions pertaining to Procedure shall be referred to Robertís Rules of Order.

VII. Amendments
Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed at any regular meeting of the chapter and shall be considered at the next meeting. The membership shall be informed of the proposed changes and the stated reasons for these changes.

Approval of amendments shall be by a vote of two-thirds of the active members voting.