Who Are We?
Our Mission: To bring a much-needed awareness to the Columbia community about scientific and technological issues of social relevancy.

What We Have Done (Past Initiatives):

  • Biweekly Board Discussions on controversial scientific and technological issues- SEBS Think Tank

  • Through the Looking Glass’ Science and Art Exhibition

  • Career Day with CERC (Center for Environmental Research and Conservation)

  • Held various hands-on events with elementary school kids

  • Visit to the Solar One, one of the greenest buildings in New York City

  • Partnership with the Earth Institute: Water Crisis Series

  • Presentations from Professor Upmanu Lall, Director of the Earth’s Institute’s Columbia Water Center, entitled, “Sustainable Water Development in the 21st Century” and “Will India Run Out of Water?”

  • Annual Science and Engineering Research Fair: Involved presentations from over 20 Columbia professors of all different fields

  • Earth Week Documentary Screening of “A Quiet Revolution,” narrated by Meryl Streep, and created by Earth Council, followed by a 16-panel “Seeds of Change” exhibition

  • “This Month in Science” Current Events Series showcasing the most pressing issues of the past month

  • Science and Engineering Community Service Networking Night

  • Highlighting all of the local groups aimed at serving their community through their knowledge of science and engineering

  • “Scientific Platforms in Presidential Politics” - Discussed environmental and energy platforms for candidates, among other issues

  • “Transformation of the Internet” – Technology talk from University of Pennsylvania Professor

  • Student presentations on topics ranging from avian influenza, disaster zones, outsourcing, nanotechnology, and climate change

  • Screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Documentary The 11th Hour, followed by a Q&A Session with the Director, Co-Producer, and environmental experts from the film and local community as part of a national campus tour for Earth Week

  • Trip to DigitalLife, the technology expo (free admissions)

  • One Laptop per Child Campaign

  • Presentation by Tim Wu on the concept of Network Neutrality

  • Campaign on e-waste recycling

  • Lecture by Blake Ross, creator of Mozilla Firefox, on open-source software
Scientific Platforms in Presidential Politics Video
See the video here!