Our Mission

A safe haven.

Columbia Atheists and Agnostics has a double purpose. First, it provides a safe space for nontheists. Many atheists have had to contend with harassment and discrimination from judgmental friends or family members; our group satisfies their need to be able to profess their nonbelief without fear of ostracism. And second, it holds weekly discussion meetings about issues important to secularists as well as bigger, less frequent events. Our discussions run the gamut from hands-on political issues to general philosophy.

Our Constitution

Part 1—Preamble

Columbia Atheists and Agnostics exists to promote secular thought. To further that goal it engages in activities including but not limited to discussions of secular and religious ideas in politics, philosophy, morality, science, and the social sciences; events airing secular and skeptical views or reaching out to the general public; and social and campus activism.
The group is committed to providing nonreligious people with a safe space where they can air their views without fear of harassment.

Article 2 notwithstanding, the group welcomes people regardless of whether they are religious or not. This applies especially but not only to discussions of secular ideas, movements, and publications, in which the group seeks to have as diverse a range of views as practically possible.

The group maintains affiliation with the Center for Inquiry, as well as with other umbrella organizations whose agendas align with Columbia Atheists and Agnostics'.
The group does not discriminate on the basis of personal characteristics...>> read more