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Students for Environmental and Economic Justice

"For the [Students] for Environmental and Economic Justice (or SEEJ), emailing their listserv is not just a necessary evil, but rather an excuse to exercise their poetic talents. 'At the beginning of last year, I was supposed to send out a reminder and I wrote it out in haikus because I was bored and trying to procrastinate, and then for the next one I made it rhyme, and we stuck with it,' describes Zak Accuardi, SEAS í11. SEEJ is completely non-hierarchical, so all new members enter with just as much say as seasoned members. 'Thatís [consensus is] really a way to make sure that everybody has a voice and everybody can be included. ... Itís a really welcoming atmosphere where people can get involved right away.'"
--The Eye 9/23/10

If you need to contact us, email us or stop by our meetings.
Tuesdays at 9:30 in the Dodge Room of Earl Hall
(We are friendly and will share our food.)