Presentations during 2003-2004


Past papers are available to the registered members and associate members of the seminar (please write to the co-chairs for password). Non-members should make their requests directly to the speakers.


September 20, 2003

Victor Mair (University of Pennsylvania): "Animals and Values in Early Chinese Ideology."

November 22, 2003

Christopher Beckwith (Indiana University): "The Japanese-Koguryoic Peoples and Early China."
David Branner (University of Maryland): "On the A/B Distinction in the Early Chinese Lexicon."

January 24, 2004

Miranda Brown (University of Michigan): "Friends or Subordinates? Political Association and Mourning in the Eastern Han."
Guolong Lai (Columbia University): "The Jing /Ji /Zhuan Structure of the Sangfu: A New Approach to the Dating of Ritual Texts."

March 27, 2004

David Pankenier (Lehigh University): "A Brief History of Beiji (Northern Culmen), with an Excurses on the Astral Origins of Di."
Huang Xiaofen (University of East Asia, Japan): “The North-South Axis of the Western Han Capital and the Imperial Tombs,”
Andrew Meyer (Brooklyn College, City University of New York): "The Frontier Between Chen and Cai: Narrative Space and Argumentation During the Warring States."

May 15, 2004

Xu Shaohua (Wuhan University): "A New Exploration on the Establishment and Development of the System of Prefecture and County in the South Region of Yangtse River from Excavated Materials."
Barry Blakeley (Seton Hall University): "On the Authenticity and Nature of the Zuozhuan" Revisited."
Susan Weld (The U.S. Congress): "Coping with Official Corruption and Malfeasance in Early China: Examples from Excavated Texts."