Presentations during 2004-2005


Past papers are available to the registered members and associate members of the seminar (please write to the co-chairs for password). Non-members should make their requests directly to the speakers.




September 25, 2004


* ZHENG Ruokui (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences):

   The Three Gorges Archaeology: New Discovery of the Ba Culture    

* Elizabeth Childs-Johnson (Independent Scholar):

   The Royal Tetrapod Ding and the Royal Ding Sacrifice


November 13, 2004


* Mark Byington (Harvard University):

   Han’s Xuantu Commendery and Its Relations with Puyo and Koguryo

* William H. Baxter (University of Michigan):

   Old Chinese Reconstruction and Recently Excavated Texts  

* Magnus Fiskesjo (Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm):

  China before China: The Discovery of China’s Prehistory and the Founding of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquity


January 22, 2005


* Jason Sun (Metropolitan Museum of Art):

   The ‘Zhang’ Blades in Early Chinese Cultures

* Yan SUN (Gettysburg College):

   Yan’s Cultural and Political Control in North China during the Early Western Zhou Period


March 12, 2005


* Edward Shaughnessy (University of Chicago):

   A First Reading of the Shanghai Museum Bamboo-Strip Manuscript of the Zhou Yi

    * Moss Roberts (New York University)

       Some Semantic Ramifications of the Word chen-Vassal  


May 7, 2005


   * Anne Kinney (University of Virginia):

      Explicating Narrative in the Lienü zhuan

*  Fang-yi Chao (University of Colorado):

   The Second-Final Wei in Classical Chinese