Presentations Scheduled for 2006-2007


(Seminar papers will be posted here about 10 days before the meetings in which they are presented. For past papers, click on 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006 at the main page).



September 23, 2006


  Susan Weld (US Congress):

    Official Corruption in Excavated Texts


  Martin Kern (Princeton University):

           The Performance of Writing in the Western Zhou     


November 11, 2006


         Sarah Allan (Dartmouth College):

      On the Identity of Shang Di and the Origin of the Concept of a Celestial Mandate (tian ming)


         Thomas H.C. Lee (City College of New York, CUNY):

           Functional Literacy, General Literacy, and Literacy Crisis



December 4, 2006 (Monday): Special Event


Symposium on Chinese archaeology given by the Jilin University delegation: Professors Lin Yun, Zhu Hong, Teng Mingyu, and Zhou Hui. Program will be announced soon. Click.     



February 24, 2007


         Lothar von Falkenhausen (University of California at Los Angeles):

Oral Performance and Written Transmission in Ceremonial Contexts: The Nature of Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions in Light of the Recent Finds from Yangjiacun


         Yang Nan (Central University of Nationality, Beijing; visiting University of North Carolina):

           The Rise and Decline of the Neolithic Liangzhu Culture of Southeastern China”


March 17, 2007


         Constance Cook (Lehigh University):   

           Education and the Way of the Former Kings       


April 7, 2007


         Wang Wei (Professor and Director of the Institute of Archaeology, CASS):

           Key Issues in the Origin of Ancient Chinese Civilization: Archaeological Research 


         Robin Yates (McGill University, Canada):

   Soldiers, Scribes, and Women: Literacy among the Lower Orders in the Early Empire


May 5, 2007


  Robert Eno (Indiana University):

   Literary and Historical Clues to Ru Disciple Traditions: Zigong and the Identity of the Meng School


        Matthias Richter (University of Freiburg, Germany; visiting the University of Chicago):

Enquiring into the Significance of Writing for the Transmission and Stabilisation of Early Chinese Texts


  Zeng Zhenyu (Shandong University):

    Guodian Bamboo Texts and the Philosophical Nature of ‘Tian’ (Heaven) in Xunzi