Modern China Seminar (Columbia University): Recent Years' Presentations










      Chinese Torture in World History.

      Discussant: Robert Hymes.

      Taking the Long View: How Shall We Assess the Qing's Place in Modern Chinese History?

      Discussant: Joanna Waley-Cohen, NYU.

      Popular Histories of China and the American Reading Public. 

      Discussant: Rob Culp, Bard College.

      China's Poverty Reduction Experience since 1990.

      Discussant: Carl Riskin, Columbia University.


Eugenia Lean, Columbia University.

Public Passions in 1930s China.

Discussant: Yang Guobin, Barnard College.

Zhang Li, UC Davis.

Intersecting Space, Class, and Consumption: The Making of the New Middle-Class after Mao.

Discussant: Rebecca Karl, New York University.

Shen Shuang, Rutgers University.

Adversary Cosmopolitanism: The History of Internationalism and Cross-Cultural Exchange in the 1930s.

Discussant: Adam McKeown, Columbia University.

Annie Reinhardt, Williams College.

National Capitalism in Context: Lu Zuofu’s Minsheng Company and ‘Saving the Nation through Enterprise,’ 1925-1952.

Discussant: Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University.




Dorothy Solinger, University of California, Irvine.

The Nexus of Democratization: Guanxi and Governance in Taiwan and the PRC.

Discussant: Myron Cohen, Columbia University.

Pat Giersch, Wellesley College.

Title: Copper, Caravans, and Empire: Long-distance Commerce and the Transformation of Southwest China.

Discussant: Joanna Waley-Cohen.

Larissa Heinrich, University of New South Wales.
“What’s Hard for the Eye to See”: Anatomical Aesthetics from Benjamin Hobson to Lu Xun.

Discussant: Fa-ti Fan.

Peter Carroll, Northwestern University.

Policing the City for Commerce.
Discussant: Richard Belsky, Hunter College.

         Discussant: Dorothy Ko, Columbia University. 

         Discussant: Charles Tilly, Columbia University.

         Discussant: Edward Rhoads, History Department, UT-Austin (Emeritus).

         Discussant: Fa-ti Fan, SUNY Binghamton.


         Discussant: Richard Belsky, Hunter College, CUNY.

         Discussant: Weihong Bao, Columbia University.

         Discussant: Rob Culp, Bard College

         Discussant: Joseph Lee, Pace University.

         Up and Down on Mt. Tai: Bixia Yuanjun in the Politics of Chinese Popular Religion, ca.    


         Discussant: Chun-fang Yu, Columbia University.

         Discussant: Qin Shao, The College of New Jersey.

         Limits of Visibility: Taiwan's Tongzhi Movement in Mickey Chen's Documentaries.

         Discussant: LU Xinyu, Fudan University.

         Hidden Accumulation: Rural Women, the Great Leap Forward, and China's Collective Past.

         Discussant: Carl Riskin, Queens College, CUNY and Columbia University.

         Chinese Travels to Africa: Cultural Representation in the Age of Globalization. 

         Discussant: Weihong Bao, Columbia University. 

         Comparing Rulership and Identity Ascription, Qing and Ottoman. 

         Discussant - Karen Barkey, Columbia University.

         Qingxiang: The Transnational Repercussions of  Rural Pacification in Southeast Coastal China 


         Discussant: Helen Siu, Yale University.

         The Social Life of Chinese Labor.

         Discussant: Janaki Bakhle, Columbia University.

         Mao's China and the "Singapore Story." 

         Discussant: Guobin Yang, Columbia University.


         Piracy and the State: The Politics of Intellectual Property Rights in China. 

         Discussant - Andrew Nathan, Columbia University

         Getting Away with Manslaughter: The Vagaries of Justice in Maritime Courts in Late Nineteenth  

         Century China and Japan.

         Discussant: Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University.

         Chinese Uhuru: A Maoist Reading of the Congo Crisis

         Discussant: Mamadou Diouf, Columbia University.

         Of Poetry and Pottery: Gendered Utopias in Transcultural Context.

         Discussant - Dorothy Ko, Barnard College.

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