2012-2013 Program

***Do not distribute, cite, or quote from any paper without the permission of the author.***


2012-2013 Seminar Program Coordinators:

Zara Anishanslin and Brian Murphy



Upcoming Meetings:

All meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 unless otherwise noted


May 14: Cristobal Silva (Columbia University),

"Georgic Fantasies: James Grainger and the Poetics of West-Indian Labor"


Past Meetings:

September 11:  Cathy Matson ( University of Delaware & Program in Early American Economy and Society (PEAES), The Library Company), "Crossing Empires:  Philadelphia's Trade with New Orleans, Havana, and Cap Francois at the End of the Eighteenth Century"

October 9: Kevin Butterfield (New-York Historical Society), "Joining and the Specter of Political Compulsion in Post-Revolutionary America"
November 13:  Johann Neem (Western Washington University), "Path Dependence, State Capacity, and the Origins of Ohio's Common Schools"

December 11:  Anna Marley (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts), “Real Views taken on the Spot”: Landscape Painting and Mercantile Networks in Baltimore, c. 1800”

February 12: Daniel K. Richter ( University of Pennsylvania and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies (MCEAS))"To 'Clear the King’s and Indians’ Title': Seventeenth-Century Origins of North American Land Cession Treaties Re-Examined"

March 12: Toby L. Ditz (Johns Hopkins University), “Fraught Affections: Epistolary Attachments, Paternal Care, and the Gendering of Young Men in the Eighteenth Century”

April 9: John Dixon (College of Staten Island/City University of New York), “Enlightenment in America as Conversation Starter”