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SIS Training Schedule

Morningside Campus
SIS Conference Room, Location (TBA)

New User Orientation (Basic SIS Training)

Basic SIS Traning is a 2 1/2-hour class held on the first Thursday of each month. The class includes:

  • Introduction to SIS Services: An overview of the applications offered by SIS, including Student Services On-Line, SIS Desktop Reports, and Mainframe SIS.

  • Student Services On-Line (SSOL): SSOL provides a web-based suite of applications allowing students, faculty, and administrators to access student records, account balances, financial aid and admissions-related information. Class rosters are also available to Faculty on SSOL 24 hours a day.

  • SIS Desktop Reports (SDR): The session will cover how to download and install SIS Desktop Reports on your PC, how to run reports, and how to customize reports to fit your needs.

  • Mainframe SIS Navigation: Topics covered will include the use of menus, navigation commands, quick action function keys, and the leafing of data from one screen to the next.

SIS and SISUMENU Tutorials

For certain functional areas served by SIS (Student Records, Admissions, and Financial Aid), SIS provides customized tutorials to cover basic system usage in areas of concern to the user community. Tutorial sessions cover basic system usage on topics brought by participants. If you would like to schedule a tutorial for your department, please send a request detailing your specific needs to the Registrar:

The following tutorials are offered:

  • Introduction to the CMS Environment

    If you need to use SISUMENU or run FOCUS reports, then this class may be helpful to you. The session covers the basics of navigating in CMS, which is an operating system on the mainframe used by SIS. Specific topics include use of the reader list and file list, how to run focexecs, how to access SISUMENU, and how to print from CMS. If you would like to request that this class be held, please send an e-mail to the Registrar:

  • SIS Matching Process

    Understanding the SIS Matching Process is integral to any Admissions employee who is required to enter applicant or prospect information into SIS. This process has evolved over the past couple of years and is fairly complex. We encourage beginners and advanced users to attend this class for a full overview and hands-on training on the SIS Matching Process. If you would like to request that this class be held for your department, please send an e-mail to the Registrar:

  • Apply Yourself Export

    This class is specifically for schools with a data feed from the ApplyYourself online admissions app to SIS. If you would like to request that this class be held for your department, please send an e-mail to the Registrar:

  • Introduction to File Transfer Protocol

    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a process many offices employ to transfer files between two computer systems. While SIS does not directly support FTP as an application, many SIS jobs and functions require the use of FTP to move files between the mainframe and the end user's PC. This class is not scheduled monthly, but is offered periodically upon request. If you would like to arrange this class for your department, please send an e-mail to the Registrar:

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