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Hagar Kotef, Ph.D.,
Tel Aviv University, School of Philosophy

Hagar Kotef received her Ph.D. in philosophy from Tel Aviv University (Israel) in 2009. She works on political theory, specializing in feminist theory, early liberal philosophy, women’s activism and contemporary continental philosophy. Her dissertation, titled Tracing the Political Body, analyzes the politicization of the body in First Wave liberal feminism. It argues that the formation of “the abstract woman” – the female incarnation of the liberal subject and the first discursive object of feminism – was the product of a failure: the failure of ongoing endeavors by early feminists to formulate coherent political demands that take the body into account.

Hagar’s recent research is set in a more contemporary context and focuses on the regime of movement employed by Israel in the occupied Palestinian Territories. It seeks to examine a new mode of subject-formation operating outside of normalizing regimes and underlying what we may call the paradigm of security. Essays from these two projects were published in journals such as Signs, Theory Culture and Society, Feminist Studies and others.

As a fellow, Hagar is working on developing her dissertation into a book and on a new manuscript on movement and its political meanings.

She will teach Contemporary Civilization in the Spring.

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