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Daniel Lee, Ph.D.,
Princeton University, Department of Politics and University Center for Human Values

Daniel Lee was elected to the Society of Fellows in 2010. A graduate of Columbia and Oxford, he received the Ph.D. from Princeton, where he held both the Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship and the Laurance S. Rockefeller Prize Fellowship in the University Center for Human Values.

Dr. Lee is a political theorist specializing in the history of political thought, normative political philosophy, and jurisprudence. His principal research investigates the reception of Roman law and the influence of juristic doctrines derived from the Corpus Iuris Civilis on later medieval and early modern theorists of constitutionalism, government, and sovereignty, such as Bartolus, Bodin, Grotius, and Hobbes. His other research interests include democratic theory, the theory of rights, legal historiography, and the philosophy of law. His work has been published in such journals as History of Political Thought, Journal of the History of Ideas, and The Review of Politics.

Dr. Lee has taught classical political thought at Oxford and political theory and ethics at Princeton. At Columbia, he teaches Contemporary Civilization in the Core Curriculum and, in 2010-11, will offer a course in the Department of Political Science on constitutionalism.

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