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Lunchtime Lectures: Spring 2007

Ideology and Imagination

Thursdays at Noon

All lectures are held in the Common Room on the second floor of the Heyman Center (except when noted otherwise,) which is located in the East Campus Residential Center of Columbia University. Lectures are free of charge and lunch is provided.

February 15

Desire for the Enemy: Class Struggle in the Family and Ideological Closure in Stalinish Soviet Cinema (Peasants and Party Card)

Andrey Shcherbenok
Society of Fellows, Columbia University

March 8

Interiority and Its Discontents: The Public Desire of the Psychological Novel

David Kurnick
Society of Fellows, Columbia University

March 22

Cosmopolitanism, Participation and the Welfare State

George Klosko
University of Virginia

March 29

Ritual Introduction to Buddhas and Other Intimate Experiences

David Germano
University of Virginia

April 5

The Ethics of Reasoning from Conjecture

Micah Schwartzman
Society of Fellows, Columbia University

April 12

The Program Era

Mark McGurl
University of California, Los Angeles

April 19

Romance and Revelation: The Auto/biographical Writings of the Twentieth-Century Tibetan Treasure Revealer Sera Khandro

Sarah Jacoby
Society of Fellows, Columbia University

April 26

Between Prophecy and Superstition: Dream Interpretation in Contemporary Egypt

Amira Mittermaier
Society of Fellows, Columbia University

May 3

The Last Soviet Dreamer: Encounters with Leonid Potemkin

Jochen Hellbeck
Rutgers University

Society of Fellows, Columbia University
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