Student Organization of Latinos







Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) is a dynamic group comprised of dedicated to strengthening the Latino/Latin American community and representing the complexity of that same heritage at Columbia University. SOL acts as a coalition of and umbrella group for more than twenty different Latino/Latin American and multicultural groups. We invite you to learn more about our organization and welcome you to contribute with your own perspectives, experiences and voice.

Mission Statement

Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) was created with the primary purpose of fostering unity among the Latino/Latin American organizations at Columbia University by opening a space for dialogue, facilitating inter and intra-group communication with member organizations of SOL, and establishing a sense of community around shared heritage.

SOL seeks to educate the Columbia community about the strength, ideas, unity and plurality present in the Latino/Latin American community. This is to be accomplished through diverse programming, events and activities that demonstrate the professional, political, social, and cultural presence of Latinos/Latin Americans at Columbia University, New York City and the world.

Finally, SOL serves as a safe and informal haven, providing a strong foundation for Columbia's Latino/Latin American students to grow as individuals and members of the community. SOL is not affiliated with any school of thought, rather, it is the unifying force amongst a multitude of backgrounds and ideas.

For more information or to contact the executive board, please email:
Student Organization of Latinos
Columbia University in the City of New York