Instructions to change the keyboard template to Spanish on computers running Windows XP

Do sequence: "My Computer, "Control Panel,""Regional and Language Options"

Click on "Languages"

Click on "Details"

In "Installed Services" and under EN (English-United States), click on "Keyboard"

Choose "Add"

Choose "Spanish (Traditional Sort)"

(You may be asked to insert your Windows installation CD-ROM)

Click on "Language Bar"

Click on "Show the Language Bar on the Desktop"

Click OK and exit "Regional and Language Options"

You will now be able to choose in the Language Bar between English and Spanish as your keyboard layout, or toggle between them by pressing LeftALT + SHIFT (you can change this combination in "Regional and Language Options", "Key Settings"). See Spanish keyboard template for the correct location of each character. Note that the green characters (e.g. @, #) are produced by pressing the ALT key to the RIGHT of the space bar. You should print this template for future reference.

To produce accented characters, simply press the key with the accent (the key to the right of the "ñ"), and immediately after press the key of the accented vowel you wish to produce. All other characters are produced in the usual fashion.