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Juan Álvarez

Graduate Student

Juan Alvarez has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de los Andes and was part of the Writer's Workshop at the Universidad Central. He has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Texas, El Paso, and is currently a doctoral candidate here at Columbia University in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, researching the concept of the insult in 19th and 20th century Colombian culture and politics.

He has published interviews, non-fiction, vignettes, essays and translations in magazines such as Número, El Malpensante, Etiqueta Negra, DonJuan, Rio Grande Review, Letralia, Iberoamericana and the Mexican cultural supplements Hoja por Hoja and Guardagujas. Currently he co-edits the literary magazine El Perro, and is a member of the Urtak Team at Some of his short stories have also been included in anthologies.

He received the "Premio Nacional de Cuento Ciudad de Bogotá" in 2005 for his book Falsas alarmas (IDCT, 2006), and the "Premio de Ensayo Revista Iberoamericana 2010" (Instituto Ibero-Americano de Berlín) for an essay on the concept of insult and offense as political instruments during the turmoil of Independence in Colombia. He has just published his first novel: C. M. no récord (Alfaguara, 2011).

Twitter: @_JuanAlvarez_
(212) 854-4526
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