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Mauricio Castillo

Graduate Student

Mauricio has a B.A. in Classics (Latin) and Latin American History from the University of Arizona (Tucson). His main interests are Latin American literature and culture from the 19th century to the present, visual culture, the Latin American Left, and post-colonial theory.
He is currently completing his dissertation titled “Avant-Garde and Socialist Dreamworlds in Latin America.” This study explores socialist utopias in avant-garde cultural productions, including muralism (Diego Rivera), indigenismo (Amauta), poetry (César Vallejo), novels (Patrícia Galvão) and theater (Argentina’s Teatro del Pueblo). Building upon local and global geopolitical perspectives, these works constructed dreamworlds, expressions of utopian desires to transform the world, against the backdrop of art’s tendency toward new modes of production and aesthetic sensibilities. Sifting through the ruins of these cultural artifacts of the interwar period, some of the main topics of this research are the figure of the intellectual and the history of radical ideas in Latin America; public art and state sponsorship; and the autonomy of art at the intersection of politics and aesthetics.
Mauricio has recently published “This Will Be The Proletarian Revolution: Local and Global Dreamworlds in the Murals at the Secretariat of Public Education” in Seeing in Spanish: From Don Quixote to Daddy Yankee. Twenty-Two Essays on Hispanic Visual Cultures (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). He has also presented on topics such as muralism and the language of revolution, radical intellectuals, socialism and indigenismo.
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