3rd Annual Fragile Families Summer Workshop 2004

Date Presenter(s) Affiliation Presentation Slides (Preliminary Findings)
July 13 Irwin Garfinkel Columbia University Unwed Fathers' Ability to Pay Child Support: Evidence from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
July 13 Ronald B. Mincy Columbia University
July 13 Christina H. Paxson Princeton University Assessing Parenting Behaviors Across Racial Groups
July 13 Yolanda Padilla University of Texas at Austin Children of Immigrants in Unmarried Families: A Double Jeopardy?
July 13 Bruce Western Princeton University Incarceration and Fragile Families
July 13 Sara McLanahan Princeton University Do Good Partners Make Good Parents?: Relationship Quality and Parenting in Married and Unmarried Parents
July 14 Marah Curtis Columbia University Fragile Families Summer Data Workshop 2004
July 14 Julien Teitler Columbia University Fragile Families data compared to other sources NON-MARITAL BIRTHS
July 14 Angie Fertig Princeton University Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence
July 14 Lenna Nepomnyaschy Columbia University
July 15 Mario Small Princeton University How to Conduct a Multi-Method Study: Using FF to Understand Childcare Centers
July 15 Lonnie Berger Princeton University The Economic Status, Public Policy, and Child Neglect Study
July 15 Nancy Reichman University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Using Fragile Families Data to Study Health
July 16 Marcy Carlson Columbia University Measuring Family Relationships in the Fragile Families Study
July 16 Ronald B. Mincy Columbia University