» Columbia Defeats NYU in FallCraft Showmatch

October 28, 2012 — Columbia StarCraft went down to the CSL's FallCraft event at the NYU Game Center yesterday and participated in a GSTL-style showmatch against NYU. Information about the event can be found at the TeamLiquid thread. The VOD for the showmatch, casted by Axslav and Pokebunny, can be found here:

Recap: Besta started off the showmatch for Columbia against NYU's Refrain. Unfortunately, his Blink-Obs all-in was successfully defended by Refrain's heavy Marauder composition. Unable to do the damage he needed, he was forced to tap out a few minutes later. PengWin went up next, but took heavy damage from early Marine/Hellion/SCV pressure followed by a Banshee. Although he was able to stay alive for a little while longer, the economic disadvantage proved to be too much, forcing PengWin out of the game and putting Columbia at a 0-2 disadvantage against NYU. Columbia's next player Bargak opted for a somewhat non-standard 1-Gate expand variant, delaying his first Stalker for faster Warp Gate tech. Unfortunately, this put him into an extremely difficult situation while trying to defend Refrain's 2-Rax Marine/SCV all-in. He was able to survive with excellent Stalker control, but lost a Nexus in the process. While trying to re-establish his economy, he was unable to hold the follow up bio attack, bringing the score to 3-0 in NYU's favor.

In a pivotal game of the showmatch, Columbia's Benji beautifully executed a Roach/Queen Nydus all-in designed to punish greedy Terran play. Although Refrain was able to hold off the attack for a little while, Benji's Queens destroyed all of Refrain's Banshees and he overran the NYU player with Roaches, securing Columbia's first victory in the showmatch. The next game was a ZvZ in which Benji used his superior Zergling/Baneling control and a Spine Crawler to defend NYU player Infestion's continuous attempts at aggression. After gaining a huge economic and tech advantage due to the opponent not doing enough damage, Benji defeated the NYU Zerg and put Columbia at 2-3 vs. NYU.

Benji's next opponent VicktorX randomed into Protoss and went for quick 2-Gate aggression followed up by double Stargate Void Rays. After what can only be described as an odd shitshow, Benji was able to take the game and tie up the series at 3-3. In the next game, Benji opted for some early Roach pressure against NYU Terran APIxTangenT. Riding his momentum, he was quickly able to defeat his opponent, who was unprepared for the aggression. With Columbia now up 4-3, Benji went into the final game of the series with standard play. Denying any sort of forward Pylon from NYU's Protoss player Dabu, Benji was able to successfully defend an 8-Gate attack and gain an economic and tech advantage. Dabu fought an uphill battle for a while, but Benji denied the Protoss from ever taking a third and eventually used Roach drops to end the game, securing the 5-3 victory for Columbia and accomplishing an all-kill!

Besta < Refrain
PengWin < Refrain
Bargak < Refrain
Benji > Refrain
Benji > Infestion
Benji > VicktorX
Benji > APIxTangenT
Benji > Dabu
Columbia University5 : 3New York University

Congratulations to Columbia for their victory over NYU and to the undisputed champion of the night Benji for achieving the all-kill. This puts us at a winning record of 2-1 vs. NYU, as we lost to them in the last CSL season but beat them at the Princeton CSL LAN.

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