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Immunization Requirements

New Spring Students: Complete Your Immunization Requirements Before Registering for Classes

Please remember to submit documentation of immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and make a Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination decision

Health Insurance Requirements

New Spring Students: Make an Insurance Selection Before February 1, 2011

Log on from Health Services online to confirm, upgrade or request a waiver from the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan

Dining Services

Based on student feedback, many exciting changes will be taking place in Dining Services over the next few weeks.

You Asked, We Listened!

Housing Services

Room Selection 2011 is upon us! Review the Room Selection 2011 Calendar to help you get started!

Banking Needs

Citibank has onsite banking services and ATMs available at various locations on the Morningside and Medical Center campuses. Visit the Citibank branch in Lerner Hall for more information.

Students have the right and ability to select the bank of their choice and are not required to use Citibank or any other bank for any of their banking needs. Citibank licenses space from the University for banking services in Lerner Hall on the Morningside campus and in the Black Building on the Medical Center campus. 

Cellular discount

Sprint cellular discounts are available to student. Click here for more information.