Butler Library, on the Columbia campus, is one of the nation's largest academic libraries. It contains a growing collection of works not only in Swedish but also in the other Nordic languages. The New York Public Library and theBrooklyn Public Library also have extensive holdings in Scandinavian, and the Swedish Information Service, located near the United Nations building, has a good selection of reference works and periodicals in Swedish.

Traditionally, the New York area has served as a gateway to America for immigrants from Scandinavia, but it has also provided a permanent home to many newcomers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden and to their descendants. Evidence of this is seen today in the busy cultural calendar of the Nordic social community. The Greater New York area is now home not only to numerous ethnic organizations but also to special newspapers for Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish readers and to the American-Scandinavian Foundation and to the Nordic government consulates; it is also the destination for great numbers of Scandinavian professionals as well as for tourists and travelers in transit to other parts of the continent. If you want to see an exhibition of Finnish furniture design or a Danish poetry reading or a Swedish theater production or recent film, New York City is a good place to be.

Butler Library, Columbia University

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Scandinavian Organizations of Interest:


The library at the Scandinavia House in New York



Swedish Information- general info via agencies, search engines, etc.


The Royal Library


Capital Cities of Scandinavia



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Information Technology and New Media


Swedish Papers and Media



Swedish Teaching Resources


Hamilton Hall, Columbia University


Statistics on Nordic Countries





View toward Södermalm. Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Peter Leonard.



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