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Here at Columbia TKD, we are a privileged club. The team is able to train under the leadership of incredibly talented instructors.

Master Michael Lee

Master Lee has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since the age of 6.

"I can remember that night when my father (who is also my instructor) told me that he was bringing home my uniform.  Previously he told me that I could not start because I was too young and had to wait until I was six.  Well on that eve of my 6th birthday I was waiting by the door.  I was glad to see my dad and what was in his hands.  The symbol of my future and destiny-the white uniform!  Every day after nursery my mom would drop me off at the dojang and I would come home with my dad". 

Never regretted or looking back at a childhood of training everyday, Master Lee has achieved numerous titles in state and national tournaments. He is a 6th degree Black belt, who has been teaching at Columbia University since 1991.  According to Master Lee, "Self-discipline is the most important aspect of Tae Kwon Do."

Master M. Sohail Ali Khan

Master Ali has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for the last 25 years, yet still trains as if he were competing. No one pays more attention to detail than he does. He is the current Head Coach of the Pakistan Olympic Team. His recent achievements include a Gold Medal in the 2000 International General Choi’s Cup (ITF International TKD Championships) CT, a Gold Medal in the 1997 New Jersey Taekwondo Championship, and a Gold Medal in the 1995 The 15th New Jersey State Taekwondo Championships. In 1991, he received the Bronze Medal and “The Best Technical Player of tournament of “Ten Days of Dawn of the Islamic Revolution Iran” in Tehran. Obviously Master Ali is very accomplished, but what is most surprising is how well he manages to pass on his excellence in the form of his masterful teaching. Columbia Tae Kwon Do is very fortunate and grateful to have Master Ali as one of our instructors.

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