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9/21/13 - At the ECTC tournament at MIT, Columbia came, saw, and conquered, medaling in both poomsae and sparring, and taking first in our division! So proud of our team!


9/11/13 - We'll be having our first practice with new members! We can't wait to meet you! See you there!

4/29/13 - At the end-of-year belt test, six Columbia Tae Kwon Do members got promoted to the next belt level. Congrats to everyone who tested, and have a great summer!

4/20/13 - We came, we saw, we conquered at the RPI tournament, and medaled in poomsae. Congrats to everyone who participated!

4/13/13-4/14/13 - Four of our members traveled to Colorado to represent Columbia Tae Kwon Do in Nationals, and represent they did! Awesome job, guys!

4/5/13 - Columbia Tae Kwon Do won the King's Crown Leadership Award for Columbia Spirit! Go team!

2/22/13 - Columbia Tae Kwon Do teamed up with Columbia Wu Shu to perform an awesome opening act at ECAASU (East Coast Asian American Student Conference), the annual conference for the largest Asian American student organization in the nation.

2/16/13 - We head up to New Jersey for the ECTC Princeton tournament, kicked butt, and medaled in poomsae. Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated!

12/10/12 - Five people got promoted to the next belt level at the end-of-semester belt test. Great job!

11/9/12 - Columbia Tae Kwon Do did a demo in the Martial Arts Expo alongside ten other martial arts clubs on campus and showed off some mad skills.

10/13/12 - At the ECTC tournament at MIT, we brought our A game, and even managed to medal in poomsae. Thanks to everyone who participated!



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