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Dues, Uniforms and Equipment

Each new member of the team is required to pay $100 per semester as club dues, while each returning member must pay $80. This allows us to pay our instructors, purchase equipment for the team, and pay for our tournaments. The club’s dues are extremely minimal compared with nearby Tae Kwon Do schools, as well as other clubs at Columbia University. Uniforms and equipment can be ordered through the club at reduced prices. While the club does have a small supply of sparring equipment in our storage lockers, it is highly recommended (for reasons you will quickly understand) that students have their own gear.


Columbia Tae Kwon Do is open to any individual with access to the Dodge Fitness Center. This means that it is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and any family members or alumni who already have access to the gym.
We cannot procure access to the Fitness Center for someone wishing to join the team who does not already have access to it. Some graduate students, such as medical students, may have to pay a nominal fee to Dodge Fitness Center for access. Please note that individuals who do not have access to the gym cannot join or train with the Columbia Tae Kwon Do Club. This is a requirement of the Dodge Fitness Center administration, we apologize.

Finally, Columbia Tae Kwon Do does not offer scholarships, endorsements, or sponsorships for high school students wishing to train with the team. We cannot offer any financial incentives to attend Columbia and compete with the team. As a club sport, the team is entirely student-run and has no bearing in the admissions process. We apologize, these are restrictions placed on us by Columbia University.




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