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Testing Requirements

Here you can find the requirements to promote at the end of the semester to the next belt level. Those looking to test must inform the board in advance so they can demonstrate their preparation at least a week before the belt promotion date. The test consists of a general fitness requirement, as well as a set of standard kicks and forms (poomsae) for each belt level. To view the proper execution of each form, please watch the videos posted under Form details. Those seeking to test for first dan or above should contact the board to learn about specific black belt testing requirements.

Fitness Requirements

Sit-ups: 60 in 1 minute

Running: 1 mile in 10 minutes

Pushups: 25 for color belts, 50 for black belts

Belt Requirements

White belts

Kicks:Front kick
   Roundhouse kick
   Back leg ax kick
   Inside crescent kick
   Outside crescent kick
Forms: Taegeuk #1 (Il Jang)

Yellow belts

Kicks:Side kick
   Front leg skip ax kick
   Fast (front leg) double middle kick
   Back leg double middle kick
Forms: Taegeuk #2 (Ee Jang)

Green belts

Kicks:Spin hook kick
   Jump back kick
   360 roundhouse (nara ban)
Forms: Taegeuk #3 (Sam Jang)
   Taegeuk #4 (Sa Jang)

Blue belts

Kicks:Jump spinning crescent kick
   Front foot ax kick
   Cover punch fast kick
Forms: Taegeuk #5 (Oh Jang)
   Taegeuk #6 (Yuk Jang)

Red belts

Kicks:Cut jump back kick
   Cut jump spin kick
   Fast jump ax kick
   360 ax kick
Forms: Taegeuk #5 and #7 (Chil Jang)
   Taegeuk #8 (Pal Jang)
Board Breaks: Hand strike (2 boards)
   Power strike (3 boards)
   Height or distance strike (1 board)



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