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Benefits of Tae Kwon Do at Columbia

There are a lot of rewards and benefits that come from practicing Tae Kwon Do, both mentally and physically.

~Improved physical fitness, stamina, and shape
~Improved balance and coordination
~Increased flexibility and suppleness
~The chance to represent Columbia at tournaments
~Practice at practical self-defense techniques
~Camaraderie, meeting and bonding with teammates during and after class
~Proficiency in forms and techniques of the world’s most popular martial art
~Overcoming challenges, both physically and mentally
~Increased self-efficacy, confidence, and a more positive outlook on life

What you get out of practice is very individual and personal. You may develop your own sense of passion for the art. You may start to feel that the club is like a family that looks out for and supports each other. It is important for there to be balance in our lives, and we realize that too much work or study and no play is a cause of burnout. Tae Kwon Do is a great release, and it’ll boost your abilities to focus on your work.




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