FluText: Using Technology to Promote Flu Vaccination
in Underserved Maternal and Child Populations

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PI: Melissa Stockwell

Research Group:
·Stewin Camargo (Data Manager)
·Celibell Vargas (Project Coordinator)

·Paula Castaņo
·Annika Hofstetter
·Elyse Olshen Kharbanda
·David Vawdrey
·Carolyn Westhoff

In this study, we are implementing and evaluating, using randomized control trials, tailored, targeted influenza text message reminders in urban pediatric and pregnant populations.

The FluText program was selected to be part of the Promising Practices Network. The Promising Practices Network (PPN) is a user-friendly website operated by the RAND Corporation that provides evidence-based information on child, youth, and family policy. It was also selected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to include in their Health Care Innovations Exchange.

If you have any questions regarding the study please call 212-342-5732, or e-mail mstockwell@columbia.edu. Thank you for your interest in the FluText study.


1. Effect of a text messaging intervention on influenza vaccination in an urban, low-income pediatric and adolescent population: a randomized controlled trial. Stockwell MS, Kharbanda EO, Martinez RA, Vargas CY, Vawdrey DK, Camargo S. JAMA. 2012 Apr 25;307(16):1702-8.

2. Exploring pregnant women's views on influenza vaccination and educational text messages. Kharbanda EO, Vargas CY, Castaņo PM, Lara M, Andres R, Stockwell MS. Prev Med. 2011 Jan;52(1):75-7

This study was a federally funded grant from the Health Resources and Services
Administration, Maternal and Child Research Program, R40MC17169

PI: Dr. Melissa Stockwell

Logo: Promising Practices Network