Text4Health-Kids: Text Message Reminder-Recalls
for Early Childhood Vaccination

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PI: Melissa Stockwell

Research Group:
·Stewin Camargo (Data Manager)
·Natalie DuRivage (Research Assistant)
·Celibell Vargas (Project Coordinator)

·Annika Hofstetter
·David Vawdrey

The overall goals of this study are: (1) To assess parental and provider interest in, preferences for, and satisfaction with immunization related text messaging; and (2) to measure the effectiveness and costs of tailored text message immunization appointment/immunization recall alerts linked to a well-established immunization registry for the sentinel vaccines of MMR1 and Hepatitis A.

If you have any questions regarding the study please call 212-342-5732, or e-mail mstockwell@columbia.edu. Thank you for your interest in the Text4Health-Kids study.


1. Parental and provider preferences and concerns regarding text message reminder/recall for early childhood vaccinations. Hofstetter AM, Vargas CY, Kennedy A, Kitayama K, Stockwell MS. Prev Med. 2013 Aug;57(2):75-80

This study was a federally funded grant from the Centers for Disease for Control and Prevention: 1U01IP000313.

PI: Dr. Melissa Stockwell