Membership Application and Profile Update Form

Please fill out this application form and select the proposed activities you prefer below.

Name in English: (First)_________________________

Name in Thai:     (First)_________________________

Nickname: (Thai)_____________________________

Address: ______________________________________________


Phone: __________________________ Fax:_____________________________

School & Year attended to [CU,BC,TC, etc.] _________________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________________

Major:(Area of Study) ______________________________________________

Hobbies:(Area of Interest) __________________________________________

Area of Expertise: (or Skills) ________________________________________

Languages: _______________________________________________________

Members of Other Clubs or NGOs: ___________________________________

In order to provide better services to the members, please let us know what activities listed below you would like to see happening this year by putting an X inside the box in front of the item(s) you prefer.

[  ]     1. Bimonthly Meetings.
[  ]     2. Dinners: We can go out for dinner as a group or we can prepare a Thai dinner together.
[  ]     3. Weekend Trips: Weekend trips will be arranged according to the interest and mutual
convenience of the members.
[  ]     4. Guest Speakers: Guest speakers will be invited to speak on some aspects of Thailand.
[  ]     5. Thai Virtual Library (or TSA Webpage): A library of movie, music, books and other
information about Thailand.
[  ]     6. Community Parties: Members will be invited to join the parties organized by other Thai
Organizations in the Thai Community. Other parties can be planned in collaboration with
other Columbia Asian Clubs or TSA in other colleges and universities.
[  ]      7. Interaction with TSA Clubs at other universities and other regional Thai Organizations
such as ATPAC and ASSIST.
[  ]     8. E-mail Forum: Questions & Answers, jokes, politics, gossip, etc.
[  ]     9. Food Fair: This will be arranged through collaboration with other cultural groups.
[  ]   10. Recruitment: A program will be implemented whereby prospective Thai high school
seniors are provided with all possible information about Columbia.
[  ]   11. Thai Language Classes: Thai language classes will be offered for TSA members only.
[  ]   12. Summer Internships in Thailand: The internship programs will be announced and the
application will be distributed to the members.
[  ]   13. Job Opportunities in Thailand: Information about job opportunities in Thailand will be
provided for the members.

Please return this completed form to TSA and thank you for your interest and cooperation.

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