Current Students & Alumni

Current Students

(Elfriede) Michi Barall: A.B., Humanities Honors, Stanford University; M.F.A, Graduate Acting Program, New York University; M.A., Theatre, Hunter College, City University of New York.
Areas of specialization: commercial theatre and spectacle; theories of transnationalism and globalization; consumer identities.
Research interests: Asian American studies; critical race theory, alterity and multiculturalism; East Asian modern theatre; political anthropology of the body; contemporary adaptations of Greek theatre.

Joseph Cermatori, A.B., English, Princeton University; M.F.A., Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Yale University School of Drama.
Area of specialization: modern theater and performance
Research interests: comparative modernisms and avant-garde studies; early modern drama;
aesthetic theory; theater and performance theory; historiography; media studies; queer studies; opera and music-theater; interdisciplinary humanities.
Dissertation: "Traditions of the Baroque: Modernist Stagings of a Concept Between Theory and Performance"

Emily Ciavarella, B.A., Theatre and Philosophy, Williams College.
Areas of specialization: medieval drama and performance; religious drama
Research interests: philosophy of theatre; theatre and religion; early modern Spanish and French drama; popular theatre traditions; phenomenology

Amanda Culp, B.A., Drama, Vassar College; M.A.R., Asian Religion, Yale University Divinity School.
Areas of Specialization: Sanskrit theater; Indian performance; classical theater and adaptation.
Research Interests: Intercultural dramaturgy; performance studies; translation theory; performed mythologies; theater and religion; contemporary Indian theater; Bollywood and Indian film; duration theater.

Emma de Beus, B.A., English with a concentration in Theatre, Barnard College; M.A. Shakespeare and Theatre, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.
Areas of specialization: early modern English theatre; female performance; history plays.
Research interests: performance studies, Renaissance drama, dance studies, female playwrights, adaptation studies, genre studies, political theatre.

Danielle Drees, A.B., English, Harvard University; M.Phil., Renaissance Literature, University of Cambridge.
Area of specialization: contemporary performance, political economy, feminist theory.
Research interests: theatrical production, sleep cultures, early modern drama, performance art, Marxism.

Jason Fitzgerald, A.B., American History and Literature, Harvard University; M.F.A., Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Yale University.
Areas of specialization: American drama, post-45 American/Western culture, philosophy and critical theory
Research interests: the Sixties, theatre and politics, philosophical humanism and anti-humanism, radical philosophies of the Left, modernism and post/late modernism, modern drama, the avant-garde, neoliberalism, queer theory/performance, musical theatre
Dissertation: "Countercultural Humanism: Avant-Garde Theater and Radical Thought in the U.S. 1965-70.”

Warren Kluber, B.A., English, Lewis & Clark College
Areas of Specialization: Modern Drama; War Plays
Research Interests: Theatre and Violence; Medicine and Disease in Theatre; Dramatic Character; Performance Theory.

Emily Madison, B.A., English & Theatre, Washington University in St. Louis; M.F.A., Dramaturgy, Columbia University.
Areas of specialization: Shakespeare and performance, contemporary drama
Research interests: tragedy, affect and emotion, theatre criticism/reviews, reception theory, melodrama, early modern drama, theatrical modernism
Dissertation:Tragic contestations: Shakespeare, tragedy, and affect in modern British and American theatre

Meadhbh McHugh, B.A. Drama and English, Trinity College Dublin; M.F.A. (Playwriting), The Lir Academy at Trinity College Dublin.
Areas of specialization: Irish theatre, culture, literature and society; modern drama; contemporary playwriting.
Research interests: Modern Irish drama; women in theatre; theatre and nation; music, sound, poetics and drama; playwriting in contemporary theatre culture.

Sarah Ina Meyers, B.A., Music and Philosophy, Harvard University.
Area of specialization: opera, directing.
Research interests: theories of the uncanny/fantastic, cognitive science, performance theory, scenography, spatiality, embodiment, spectatorship, memory, film theory, the baroque.
Dissertation: "Stages of Death: The Theatrical Uncanny in Contemporary Performance."

Noémie Ndiaye, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris; M.A., English Literature and Theatre, Paris-Sorbonne University.
Areas of specialization: English, French, and Spanish Early Modern Theatre; Comparative Literature; Ethnic and Racial Studies
Research interests: comparative and transnational approaches to early modern theatre; race and gender; politics of theatrical representations; literary translation.
Dissertation: “Marking Blackness: Embodied Techniques of Racialization in 17th century European Theatre.”

Richard Trist, B.A., Drama and Theatre Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London; M.A., Philosophy, King's College London.
Areas of Specialization: modern drama; contemporary theatre and performance; philosophy and theatre.
Areas of Interest: Nietzsche in performance; performance theory/ aesthetics; 20th Century American Theatre; European Avant-Garde; devised and collaborative theatre.

Olivia Rutigliano, B.A. English and Cinema Studies, University of Pennsylvania; M.A. English, University of Pennsylvania
Areas of specialization: Shakespeare performance history; Adaptation studies; cinema studies
Research interests: Early modern drama; history of popular entertainment/genres; costume and set design; Book history and material texts.

Rosa Schneider, B.A, English Literature, Reed College.
Areas of Specialization: modern drama and performance
Research Interests: American and Anglophone Caribbean drama; performance of history and historiography; theatre and nation formation; political theatre and dramaturgy; documentary theatre; meta-theatricality; cultural memory and embodiment
Dissertation: "Tools of History: The American History Play and Techniques of Historical Creation, 1979-2014."

Julia Sirmons
Areas of specialization: media and live performance, opera & musical theater, media theory, history of spectacle in modern European theater, 20th century Italian drama
Areas of interest: melodrama, stardom & performance, remediation & adaptation.

Buck Wanner, B.A., Dance, Columbia University; M.A. Performance Studies, New York University.
Areas of specialization: 20th century dance history, theory and criticism; New York dance and the arts.
Areas of interest: Digital Humanities, mapping, and experimental methods in humanities research.

Recent Publications by Ph.D. Students

Joseph Cermatori
"Notes on Opera's Exquisite Corpse" in PAJ 35.1 (2013).
"‘You Us We All’ Creates a Baroque Vision of Modern Life" in The New York Times (2015).

Danielle Drees
"The Sleeping Spectator: A Sleep Cultures Critique of Punchdrunk's Sleep No More" forthcoming in Performance Research 21.1 (2016).

Jason Fitzgerald
Performance Reviews: Taylor Mac's The Lily's Revenge (Theatre Journal); Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays (Theatre Journal).
Book Reviews : Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism, by Tobin Nellhaus (Theatre Survey); Finishing the Hat/Look I Made a Hat, by Stephen Sondheim(forthcoming, Theatre Survey), "Journeys into the South African Psyche: Brett Bailey and Third World Bunfight," Theater 39.1 (2009).

Emily Madison
Reading Rehearsal Toward a Theory of Shakespeare "Activity." Journal of the Wooden O Symposium 12 (2012).

Meadhbh McHugh
“The Glass Ceiling and the Gag: Fifth Wave Feminism & Ireland’s National Theatre, 2010-2014,” For the Sake of Sanity: Doing things with humour in Irish performance, ed. Eric Weitz (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2014).

Julia Sirmons
“'These People': On Sebastian Baumgarten's Don Giovanni," Opera Quarterly 29: 3-4 (Summer-Autumn 2013): 368-376.
"Immersive Space, Digital Intimacy," PAJ 109.1 (2015): 71-77.

Recent Artistic Work by Ph.D. Students

Joseph Cermatori
Director, Seventy Scenes of Halloween by Jeffrey Jones, The Friends and Enemies of Modern Theater, Brooklyn (October 2012).

Sarah Ina Meyers
Stage Director, The Magic Flute, Carmen, Crested Butte Music Festival; Stage Director, Dido and Aeneas, Juilliard; Stage Director, Lucia di Lammermoor (Japan Tour), La Traviata, Metropolitan Opera; Assistant Director, The Enchanted Island (production by Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch), The Nose (production by William Kentridge), Metropolitan Opera.

Noémie Ndiaye
Dramaturge, “The Miser”, by Molière, Brave New World Rep. Grand Prospect Hall, Brooklyn (January 2015)

Ph.D. Placement

Ehren Fordyce (2002) Stanford University

Tamsen Wolff (2002) Princeton University

Matthew Smith (2003) Boston University

Peter Campbell (2003) Penn State-Berks; currently at Ramapo College of New Jersey

Ellen MacKay (2003) Indiana University

Lisa Brenner (2004) Montclair State University

Nina Hein (2005) American University in Dubai

Miranda Lundskaer-Nielsen (2005) Bath Spa University, England

Elizabeth Ruf-Maldonado (2006) Boricua College, NY

Kelina Gotman (2008) King's College, London

David Kornhaber (2009) University of Texas

Donna Fusco Kornhaber (2009) University of Texas

Daniel Larlham (2012) St. Mary's College

Timothy Youker
(2012) University of Toronto, Mississauga

Minou Arjomand (2013) Boston University

Nathaniel Nesmith (2013) C3 Postdoctoral Fellow, Middlebury College

Shilarna Stokes (2013) Ohio State University

Annie Holt (2014), Core Postdoctoral Lectureship, Columbia University