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September 2007

The Fed Website - Version 4.0

We now have a brand new website! Click here to visit it, and to read our latest issue.

The archives will still be kept here for posterity (until they get moved over to the new site.)

April/May 2007

End of the Year Bemusings

Ah, the end of the year is upon us. Euphoria, sadness, optimism, disappointment, and Shakespeare, all coalescing into one big invisible black marble sundial. We at the Fed have a list of things before we head off to do our thing, and we'd like to share it with you:

  • Atone for our various sins, both major and minor.
  • Create a work of questionable artistic merit.
  • Hum Broadway showtunes while strolling through Barnard's campus.
  • Graduate.
  • Fulfill our campaign promise to install air conditioning in John Jay.
  • Say farewell to the view from the tennis courts.
  • Lose our virginity.
  • Play real-life Donkey Kong.
  • Finish laying out page 13.

We wish the best of luck to our graduating seniors — Kareem, who will bring civility and grace to the Web, and failing that, become Anna Wintour's slave at Condé Nast — and Jamie, who, after her punk-rock phase runs its course, will settle down with her future husband in a nice Portland suburb and run a burlesque house on the side.

Wear plenty of sunblock, kids. And don't forget to smile, even if it's that creepy Cheshire Cat grin.

Enjoy the delayed online version of the April issue and the not-delayed new May issue.

March 2007

Fed Bash is Coming

Our annual celebration of debauchery is coming on March 31st. Fancy-pants ad is here.

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