December 2007
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February 2006
February 14th
Soror Charlotte Jacobs' Birthday
February 17th
Better Sex 101: A Real Discussion (co-hosted by Lambda Upsilon Lambda)
February 17th
Chapter Meeting
February 24th
Chapter Meeting



January 2006
January 17th
Informational Meeting
January 18th
Informal Interest Meeting
January 22nd
Community Service -- St. John the Divine Soup Kitchen
January 23rd
January 23rd
Leadership Event -- 'Born To Lead'
January 24th
Service Event -- 'Words From The Wall'
January 25th
Multiculturalism Event -- 'More Than Just A Pretty Face'
January 26th
Scholarship Event -- "NU Year's Resolutions: 2nd Semester"
January 27th
Sisterhood Event -- Sisterhood Slumber Party


November 2005
November 4th
Consent: How It's So Sexy
November 7th
Chapter Meeting
November 13th
Founding Monarch Janelle Poe's Birthday
November 14th
Chapter Meeting
November 19th
Charisma - Our ONE Year Anniversary Party
November 20th
November 21st
Chapter Meeting
November 22nd
Soror Joyce Liu's Birthday
November 28th
Chapter Meeting


October 2005
October 10th
Chapter Meeting
October 13th
TNX Study Break, Lerner East Ramp Lounge, 9 - 11pm
October 14th
Soror Jeanelle Folkes' Birthday
October 14th
LHM & AB Date Auction -- Come support TNX!
October 15th
CU Homecoming, Baker Field
October 17th
Chapter Meeting
October 18th
Soror Anna Liveris' Birthday
October 22nd
New York Cares Day


September 2005  
September 14th
First Informational


May 2005  
May 17th, 2005
Undergraduate Class Day
May 18th 2005
Columbia University Commencement 2005 (Graduation Day)
Congratulations to Jeanelle, Joyce, Charlotte and Tara!


April 2005  
April 1st, 2005
Tara's Birthday
April 2nd, 2005
Columbia Community Outreach (Chi and Xi Alpha)
April11th, 2005
Theta Nu Xi's 8th Birthday -- Founders Day
April 16th, 2005
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Darfur Concert
April 17th, 2005
Perspectives of Diversity Weekend BBQ / Carnival
April 18th, 2005
MGC & IGC Greek Leadership Series
April 22nd, 2005
Spring Fever -- Our First Party! (see flyer below)

March 2005
March 3rd, 2005
Founding Monarch Eribo's Birthday
March 7th, 2005
Eating Disorders Awareness Week Discussion
March 24th, 2005
FEMME - Women's History Month Closing Party
March 30th, 2005
Red Beans and Rice and Peas (see flyer below)






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