Most of our events take place on Columbia University's main campus

UFCCU Events

Our typical film event includes an introduction by Yuri Shevchuk, the founding director of the Club, a screening of film or films, and a discussion with the audience participation. Events are organized thematically, around a chosen film either made in or related to Ukraine. An event can also be dedicated to an individual director or group of filmmakers. Ideally the Club seeks to screen films with the participation of their makers. We have already hosted Taras Tomenko, Serhiy Bukovsky, Taras Tkachenko of Kyiv, Ukraine, Andrea Odezynska, Andrij Parekh, Alex Stikich, Lesia Kalynska, Natasha Mikhalchyk of New York, USA, Carlos Rodriguez of San Sebastian, Spain, Slawomir Fabicki of Warsaw, Poland, Carolyn Combs and Michael Springate of Vancouver, Canada.


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