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Ukraine. The Birth of a Nation, 2008.  

Original title: Ukraine. The Birth of a Nation.
Copyright: Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production Ltd., 2008.
Format: feature documentary
Carrier: a two-DVD set in four parts.
Color: color
Length: Film-1 From Rus to Ukraine: 50 min., Film-2: Ukraine or Little Russia? 50 min., Film-3: Together Forever, 50 min., Film-4: Independence, 50 min.
Original language: Polish with Ukrainian, English, Russian voice-over versions.

Film crew
Director: Jerzy Hoffman
Script writer: Jerzy Hoffman and Tadeusz Iwanski
Cinematographer: Jaroslaw Zamojda, Bohdan Verbytsky
Producer: Jerzy R. Michaluk, Elena Kolomijcenko
Production designer: Serhiy Khotymsky
Music: Krzesimir Debski

UFCCU about “Ukraine. The Birth of a Nation”: In his film, the director Jerzy Hoffman, a Pole, speaks with a voice of a Ukrainian, earnestly and honestly addressing historical issues that are a source of pride but also of shame. It is a captivating narrative of a thousand years of Ukrainian history, of its most dramatic and defining moments that leaves the viewer both informed and thirsty for more. Mr. Hoffman’s love for Ukraine, obvious to anyone who can see and hear, does not compromise his level-headed depiction of even the most controversial aspects of Ukraine’s history. This film is both a great introduction for novices and a summary for those who already know a lot. It’s a must have for everybody who takes interest in Ukraine.

Can be purchased at the Yevshan.

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