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Blood, 2010.  

Original title: Krov.
Copyright: Kontora Pravylo and the National Ivan Karpenko-Kary University for Theater, Film, and Television.
Format: feature short.
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white.
Length: 27 min.
Original language: Georgian
English subtitles: yes


Film crew
Director: Iryna Pravylo
Script writer: Iryna Pravylo
Cinematographer: Oleksandr Roshchin
Sound: Anatolii Stoikov
General producer: Olena Pravylo


Film cast
Geronti Chigogidze as Nodar
Rauli Sikharulidze as Grandfather Kishvardi
Nargiza Dolidze as Grandmother Julia


Inspired by the eponymous story by the internationally acclaimed Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze, this atmospheric short is about the unbreakable family ties that span generations. Beautiful photography, riveting Georgian landscapes, and compelling in its understatement acting give this film an expressive power rarely encountered among the works of beginning film directors. This instance of Ukrainian-Georgian cultural cross-fertilization is as outstanding as it is rare. "Blood" unmistakably reveals Iryna Pravylo's tantalizing promise of a truly gifted filmmaker.

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