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Bread, 1929  

Original title:  Khlib
Copyright: the Oleksander Dovzhenko National Film Center
Format: feature narrative, drama
Carrier: DVD
Color: yes
Length: 44 min.
Original language: Ukrainian intertitles of the 1920s
English subtitles: no

Film crew
Director: Mykola Shpykovsky
Script writer: Volodymyr Yaroshchenko
Cinematographer: O. Pankrat'yev
Scenery: S. Zarytsky
Produced by VUFKU (the All-Ukrainian Film Photo Administration)

Film cast
Luka Liashenko as demobilized soldier
Fedir Hamalii as kulak
Dmytro Kapka as grandfather
Smyrnova as woman peasant

The plot line is very simple: a Red Army soldier, Luka, returns to his home village after the civil war and begins establishing a collective farm. The land for this farm is taken from the villagers, that is "kulaks," the grain for the sowing from the urbanites. The principal conflict occurs as a result of the struggle with the kulaks. The main character also has a standoff with his own father. The old man doesn't believe that the stolen grain will take on the stolen land, but when it begins to grow, he converts to his son's side, evidently convinced that written and unwritten rules can be broken for the sake of the common good. Bread shows the Sovietization of the village very cruelly and honestly, yet from the perspective of the Soviets themselves.

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