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Chernobyl: The Invisible Thief, 2006.  

Original title: Chernobyl: The Invisible Thief
Copyright: Baum-Film, Co-produced by WDR and Arte, 2006
Format: full-length documentary
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 59 min.
Original language: German and Russian
English subtitles: yes

Director: Christoph Boekel
Cameramen: Anatoliy Rudakov, Konstantin Durnov, Vladimir Belyaev, Christof Boekel, Alex Brand
Sound: Valeriy Yermakov, Mikhail Gapeev, Peter Gram
Assistant director and production manager Natalia Domrina

A German filmmaker tells a blood-chilling story of Chornobyl from his own perspective and that of the Russians who in various capacities became immediate eye-witnesses of the human drama that unfolded in April and May of 1986 immediately after the explosion of the nuclear power plant and for many years after it. Among them are a poet and painter, at the time a Soviet Army officer sent to work as a liquidator, an editor of the Pravda, principal Soviet Communist Party newspaper, documentary filmmakers sent from Moscow with authorization for access to all important people and places in and around Chornobyl with the mission to chronicle the works to contain the scale of the disaster and prevent a second explosion that would contaminate the entire European continent. The film is a heart-ripping tale of human drama, self-sacrifice of ones, and indifference, and ingratitude of others.

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