Film Library
Heaven, 2006.

Original title: Rai
Copyright: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, 2006
Format: documentary, short
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 24"
Original language: Ukrainian with some Russian
English subtitles: yes

Film crew
Director: Nadia Koshman
Script writer: Nadia Koshman
Cinematographer: Vadym Ilkov
Sound: Andriy Obod
Narrator: Andriy Sereda
Producer: Svitlana Stepanenko

Appeared in the film: Borys Yegiazarian (artist), Maria Svystukhina (Polina Raiko’s sister), Nadia Filipova (Polina Raiko’s neighbor), Father Petro (local priest).

This documentary is a touching tribute to Polina Raiko, an artist by the grace of God. She lived all her life in a village in southern Ukraine (Kherson rpovince) by the Dnipro river, like so many other of her compatriots working hard and facing with dignity many hardships of her fate. Towards the end of her life she discovered in herself a gift for painting. Surprising, strange, and impossible to resist, it became her way of speaking, thinking, and making sense of the world around her. Like so many other talents, Polina Raiko is being discovered only now, after her death.

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