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Living, 2008.  

Original title: Zhyvi
Copyright: International Charitable Fund Ukraine-3000, 2008.
A Lystopad Film Production.
Format: feature documentary
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 75 min.
Original language: Ukrainian
English subtitles: yes and English voice-over

Film crew
Director: Serhiy Bukovsky
Script writers: Serhiy Bukovsky, Serhiy Trymbach, Victoria Bondar, and Yevhenia Kravchuk
Cinematographer: Volodymyr Kukorenchuk
Producers: Mark Edwards and Victoria Bondar

Synopsis (from film’s website): […] The film interlaces the Holodomor tragedy with the global upheavals of the early 1930s: the collapse of economy in the USA, Hitler’s coming to power in Germany, Stalin’s war with the peasantry. This last group was defending private property, so they either had to acknowledge defeat, or die. But in 1933 peasants were left with no choice. The Ukrainian problem–any display of independent national policy–was meant to be solved at the same time. The film also tells the story of Gareth Jones, a British journalist, whose investigative reporting was not heard in the West. Jones acts as a guide in this journey through history. Governments of numerous countries showed indifference to the suffering, even though they were informed about the situation in Ukraine. This is evident from numerous documents shown in the film. Stories of people who survived the Great Famine are interlaced with these documents and fragments of Gareth’s diaries, which he kept during his trip to Ukraine in March of 1933 […] US Premier of THE LIVING took place on December 2, 2008 at Columbia University. It was organized by the Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University as the crowning event of the International Conference “Visualizing the Holodomor. The Great Ukrainian Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933 on Film”. Serhiy Bukovsky, Victoria Bondar and Mark Edwards were guests of honor at the Conference.

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