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Mirabeau, 1930.  

Original title: Mirabeau
Copyright: VUFKU, State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography.
Format: feature narrative
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white
Length: 50 min.
Original language: silent with Ukrainian intertitles.
English subtitles: no


Film crew
Director: Arnold Kordium
Script writer: A. Ahalarova, Arnold Kordium, M. Matiash
Cinematographer: Iona Rona and A. Pankrat'iev
Architect: V. Kaplunivskyi
Assistant directors: O. Kizymovska, H. Bohdan, Ye. Takke.
Assistent: H. Serhiyenko
Produced by VUFKU


Film cast
Ostrovska as female worker
Minin as the worker
Paula Negri as the consul
Sokyrko and Petro Masokha as sailors from the Mirabeau


There is a Bolshevik uprising in what at times looks like Odesa and at times like Sevastopol. It spreads like a wild fire and its victory seems certain when, at the last moment, a French naval squadron arrives at the port and helps restore the capitalist regime of the counter-revolutionary White Guards. The Bolsheviks are not about to give up. They start a propaganda campaign and soon win the sailors of the French battleship "Mirabeau" over to their side. The French sailors realize that they have been used to suppress their proletarian brothers of Soviet Russia. A mutiny engulfs the entire French naval force, and the squadron departs for France while the triumphant Bolshevik uprising liberates the city from the White Guards. This time for good.
This rarely seen film features one of the earliest screen appearances of the legendary Petro Masokha. Two years later he would play the lead part in Dovzhenko's first talking film "Ivan" (1932).

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