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Michurin, 1948.

Original title: Michurin
Copyright: the Mosfilm Studio, 1948
Format: narrative feature
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 94"; 10 p., 2786 m.   
Original language: Russian
English subtitles: yes

Film crew
Director: Oleksander Dovzhenko
Script writer: Oleksander Dovzhenko
Cinematographer: Leonid Kosmatov, Yuli Kun
Production design: Mikhail Bogdanov, Gennady Miasnikov
Original music: Dmitry Shostakovich

Film cast
Grigory Belov, Vladimir Solovyev, A. Vasilyeva, Nikolai Shamin, Fedor Grigoryev, Mikhail Zharov, Konstantin Nasonov, Aleksey Zhyltsov, Ivan Nazarov, Viktor Khokhriakov, Dmitry Dubov, Gennady Pechnikov, Sergey Tsenin, Yuri Liubimov, V. Isayev, Ivan Kashyrin, and others

The film is about the life and work of the prominent Russian biologist Ivan Michurin. Reports of gardener-Michurin’s extraordinary experiments with plants reach far beyond the borders of the Russian empire. Trying to persuade him to move to the United States, a group of Americans comes to the village where Michurin lives. They promise him all kinds of benefits. But Michurin, despite his lack of recognition by the government, is devoted to Russia. Overcoming  obstacles created by the tsarist bureaucracy, the scientist continues with his experiments on natural selection and dreams of the time when all people will be able to take full advantage of his achievements. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 makes his dreams come true and Michurin’s orchard in Kozlov becomes a center of Soviet experimental biology.

Awards. Stalin National Prize of the Second Degree, 1949. The Labor Prize at the Gottwaldov (now Zlin) Film Festival, Czechoslovakia, 1949.

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