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Mykola's Field, 2012.  

Original title: Mykolyne pole
Copyright: Ivan Karpenko-Kary University for Theater, Film, and Television
Format: short feature
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white
Length: 15 min.
Original language: Ukrainian
English subtitles: yes


Film crew
Director: Yelyzaveta Klyuzko
Script writer: Maria Morozova, Yelyzaveta Kliuzko, Danylo Vasylenko
Cinematographer: Ruslan Kolomiyets
Production designer: Oleksander Komiakhov
Composer: Roman Vyshnevsky
Sound: Dmytro Ibrahimov
Produced by Oleksander Dovzhenko Film Studio and Technomedia Production Studio


Film cast:
Iryna Duka, Bohdan Beniuk, Olha Oleksiy, Anatoliy Kryvyi



Inspired by Guy de Maupassant's story Regret this short presents two romances in broad impressionistic strokes. One unfolds in front of the viewer as two young people discover an irresistible mutual attraction. Their excitement is passed on to the viewer. The other romance could have happened but never does. A whole life had to pass for the man to muster his courage and confess his love to that one and only woman. A life too late.

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